19 02, 2016

What causes varicose veins?

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The normal function of leg veins - both the deep veins in the leg and the superficial veins - is to carry blood back to the heart. During walking, for instance, the calf muscle acts as a pump, contracting veins [...]

19 02, 2016

Who is at risk for varicose veins?

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Conditions contributing to varicose veins include genetics, obesity, pregnancy, hormonal changes at menopause, work or hobbies requiring extended standing, and past vein diseases such as thrombophlebitis (i.e. inflammation of a vein as a blood clot forms.) Women suffer from varicose [...]

19 02, 2016

What are the symptoms?

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Varicose veins may cause legs to ache, feel heavy, and tire easily. Feet and ankles may swell towards day's end, especially in hot weather. Varicose veins may be itchy, and the veins themselves may ache. Leg cramps can be caused [...]

19 02, 2016

What is sclerotherapy?

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A solution is injected into a vein causing a chemical injury resulting in the vein closing through a scar-like reaction. It is most effective when underlying sources of venous reflux have been treated. Leg wrapping or stockings are used following [...]

19 02, 2016

What is ambulatory phlebectomy?

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Ambulatory phlebectomy is a surgical procedure for treating surface veins in which multiple small incisions are made along a varicose vein and it is "fished out" of the leg using surgical hooks or forceps. The procedure is done under local [...]

19 02, 2016

What is vein stripping?

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When the source of the reverse blood flow was due to damaged valves in the saphenous vein, the vein was removed by a surgical procedure known as vein stripping. Under general anesthesia, all or part of the vein was tied [...]

18 02, 2016

When is VNUS Closure used?

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VNUS Closure is used, instead of vein stripping, to eliminate reverse blood flow in the saphenous vein, but without physically removing the vein, and can be performed in the office with local anesthesia. With Closure, or Radiofrequency Ablation, the vein [...]