Lasers have a definite place in medicine, but, in my opinion, treating leg veins is not one of them. Lasers have been used to treat spider veins of the legs. Unfortunately, because the procedure is so easy to do, it is often done by physicians who are not experts in vein disease, and underlying vein abnormalities may be overlooked. So, treatment often is less than satisfactory. In addition, lasers hurt more than injection. Many people are surprised to hear this. I’m not sure why – think of Star Wars. Lasers painless? And, finally, lasers are much more expensive than simple injection. Some people have said lasers are good to treat veins that are too small to inject. If you talk to a vein expert, you’ll find no vein is too small to inject. So, why use a therapy that is more painful, more expensive, and no more effective? We don’t use lasers at Vein Surgery and Treatment Center.