Before treating surface spider veins, any underlying vein disease must be evaluated and treated or else unsatisfactory results are likely. At Vein Surgery and Treatment Center we use sclerotherapy to treat spider veins. This involves using a tiny needle to inject a small quantity of a solution that will shut the vein down. It is nearly painless, and even patients who say they are afraid of needles have done very well with treatment. We first treat the surface feeder veins (called reticular veins) associated with the spider veins. A few weeks later, the spider veins are treated. After treatment sessions, a compression stocking is worn for a week. Treatment is not magic. There is a healing process that is required. Most spider veins look better within a few weeks, but continued improvement usually occurs over many months. Depending on how large the spider veins are to begin with, more sessions to inject the spider veins may be necessary.